Destroying our lust

Receiving Jesus into our hearts does not mean that we are safe, does not mean we do not have any thing more to do. There are idols in our hearts, things that need to be cast down. The Israelites, when they got into the promised land, realized that it was uninhabitable because of the giants in the land. They had to drive out the giants in the land- so also we must drive out the idols and strongholds in our hearts. Matthew 12:29 says that a man cannot take the goods of a strong man except he first bind the strong man. We must be vigilant in fighting against the enemy and the things in our hearts that make it an unsuitable dwelling place for the Most High. We cannot give the devil any room in our hearts, as the scripture says (Gal 5:9), a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. It will take us a while, (Exodus 23:29-30) but if we are faithful in our working, the Lord will honor it. If we give way to our lust then we will be construed by it, it will never satisfy and eventually it will destroy us. Whatever idols we have in our hearts we must begin to cast down now.

Proverbs 7
She was a sight to behold
Beautiful- didn’t need to be told
She had skin the color of diamonds
Her face depicted no corruption

He was totally fixated by her
They tried to warn him- but he was a goner
She held him with her lovely gaze
He was trapped in a deceitful haze

He stumbled toward his death
His lust would cost him his breath
She has battled thousands and won
Even some that were to be sons


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