The love of God

The world we live in today is consumed by darkness. Sometimes as a young christian it is hard to go against the tide, especially when relating with the people of the world. If we try to be accepted by the world, we will lose sight of the Lord and the shelter that lies in our obedience to him. Here is the most important piece of information that you are ever going to hear, no matter your age; God loves you. It is such a basic, simple truth and yet so magnanimous in its entirety. To understand the love of God for us would be to see ourselves, see the world, others, in a totally different light. There is a song that says, if we had an ocean full of ink and a sky of parchment, and were each man on earth a scribe, and every stalk on earth a quill, we still wouldn’t be able to describe the love of God in the very moment that Jesus died for us and shed the last drop of his blood for us- giving us the entirety of his life. And yet the love of God does not change. He doesn’t love you any more than he does the person next to you, or a sinner any more than a believer. God’s love is all-encompassing, and his desire us for us to be united with him, to breach the gap that sin and darkness have caused between us and him. Beside God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. He sees into the deepest recesses of your soul and yet he still loves you. He still wants you. He wants to erase the pain and stamp of wretchedness and depravity that darkness has bestowed upon you, upon me. It is impossible for us to understand this love unless it is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. Because if we are able to see, to truly grasp and fathom the love of God, we will never be the same- for knowing God’s love, is knowing Him. And to see the Almighty is to fully understand your imperfections and the omniscience of him, the ever living, ever-being, Being Himself offering you a world of light and hope-as long as you are willing to give up the world of darkness that you are accustomed to. Sometimes I feel as though my future is so uncertain, but I know that my life is in the hands of the Lord, and if I submit myself to him, He will guide me in the right path. The word says, ‘All things work together for good, for they that love God and to them who are the called according to his purpose’.

The Lord knows every leaf in the wind
Every feather that flies
Every thought of the mind
Every tear that you cry

He is
He made the trees
And the bees
And the seas

He set his bow in the sky
To show his love for us
He died to lose the ties
He offered us his trust

When I think of all the love
And all he came and did
The father God above-
To be in his feathers hid.

He is in the wind
He is in the song
He is with the blind
He is with the strong.

And yet we do not understand
The sacrifice of his true love
He offered us a stretched out hand
That we may reign with him above


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