Jesus at the center

The hymn ‘I need thee every hour’ is an expression of the sense that everything we are is concentrated of the Lord. ‘Come quickly and abide, or life is vain’. And yet we do not live according to this confession. The confession is that without the Lord in our lives, we are nothing, we are hopelessly depraved and condemned. He died for our sins, He brought us out of the miry clay.
Most of the time though, He barely makes it into our plans. We have children, we have jobs, we have so many things to do and then when we are finished, we just manage to squeeze in tike for fellowship with the Lord. This is not good enough. Jesus is to be the center of our lives, the point from which everything else extends. The time is coming when the idols that are in our hearts will become the only thing that we can see, blocking our view of God. If our foundation is not Christ, when these things are taken from us, we will find ourselves lost.
We cannot say that we love him, or that we have his love if he is not the very backbone of all that we say, all that we do, all that we are. It goes beyond your attitude towards other people, it is something that affects your attitude towards your own self because that love of God that dwells inside you and is the centre of everything becomes the clear glass that we can then see through. As Paul said, now we see through glass darkly, but the time comes when the veil will be taken away (1 Corinthians 13:12).
The man in the holy place has the Lord dwelling inside of him, the man in the most holy place becomes one that dwells in Christ- the High Priest- as he goes in to meet with the Lord ‘between the two cherubims’ (Exodus 25:22). It is that love of God that will put us in harmony with our brethren, with the body of Christ, so that we might be one under the subjection of the head.


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