The pruning of the Father

God deals with each of us in different ways depending on what stage we are on and what he expects of us. When a man becomes born again he leaves behind all guile, all hypocrisy, all envy, etc. When we find ourselves still demonstrating these characteristics we need to go back to the brazen altar and make again the sacrifice of sin. When we get born again, we are translated into a totally different kingdom and so the principle of sin and death no longer has any power over us.
God uses different circumstances and situations to bring about a death to self, to change our characters, to help us to get rid of certain things in our lives. Each man’s pruning is specific, as every man must carry his own cross and it is appointed to bring him to the golden altar, that place of being able to offer up the soul. God told Abraham; ‘Walk thou before me and be ye perfect’- if we walk in the spirit, we will not fulfill the works of the flesh. All we need for perfection, for a lack of sin, is to obey and to be led by the spirit of God. Obedience is not selective, it is being led by the Spirit and a willingness to do whatever the instruction no matter the consequences to our ‘self’. It comes from the heart; it is true. In Luke 2:8, the shepherds were in the right place at the right time- the field represents the soul. At the time of night (of darkness) they were keeping their sheep-the workings of the heart- and being led by the spirit. We must be willing to allow God to cut off what needs to be cut off in order for us to ascend in the spirit. If we are found doing that diligently in that place as it says in Proverbs 4:23- to keep our hearts with diligence- the Lord will do something amazing in our midst.

‘The pruning of the Father, makes you grow a little stronger; so trust His loving hand to cut the wood away’.


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