The Spirit of God with us

God comes to us first in our spirit- the mercy seat, then He moves to the holy place- the soul- and then to the body which is the outer court. For us, it is the opposite. We must start from the outer court and then meet Him at the mercy seat. For us to get to the Most holy place, we must break through the veil, to conquer our humanity. Christ in us, the hope of glory. The Spirit that comes to us is to save our soul. Eternity is in the Spirit and it is seeking to enter into the soul.
The soul has the susceptibility to be subject to whatever the body is. So if we make ourselves subject to the body, we will be bound by our humanity. We will not be men or women, we will be sons of God.
How do I become a son of God?
The mind must be under the subjection of the Word of God. If we bombard it with the word, it will have no choice but to rise. The way to bind the body, to control it is through the mind. The conscience is the mind, the spirit of man and then Spirit of God all bound up together. The more the heart is toward God, our consciousness changes from that of sin to towards God- Jesus at the centre.

A white dove circled above
Looking down- searching for love
He saw activity
But no serenity
Only darkness
Accompanied by madness
Like rain the light came
Putting the darkness to shame
A man named Jesus lived
And died to redeem the deceived
And so the dove saw-
A peace that was not before
Joy that could not be destroyed
Love that could not turn void
But the light only shone
In those who yield to his throne
And the spirit descended
To fellowship with the surrendered

“And John bare record, saying, I saw the spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon Him”- John 1:32


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