Weighed down by burdens.

We have come to the time where there is no more room for excess.
‘Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it’- Matthew 7:14. We are called to be light, to be the sons of God, if we so choose. That anchor thaat holds within the veil-unto which we are called- spoken of in Hebrews 6:19 is found in the Most Holy Place.
The outer court is A place of activity, and admission is free. To get to the Holy place, you must be a Priest, a Levite, a son of Aaron. In the Holy place, we still find some leaven, there is still some leeway, we are not totally conformed to that Heavenly image. But in the Most Holy place, there is no such thing. The only person that could enter in was the High Priest. For us, that is Christ. To enter into that Most Holy Place, we must be part of that High Priest; we must be in Christ. There is a difference between Christ in me and me in Christ. The difference is the head. When Christ is in me, I am still the head, I am still the one making the decisions. But when I am in Christ, my whole being is totally swallowed up. Where He goes, I go; What He does, I do. This is what we are being called unto. Matthew 5:48 says that we ought to be perfect even as our Heavenly Father is perfect. If we believe that this is what we are called to, then that leeway is taken from us. A man is held by the things that he believes. If our doctrine is perfection, the road that we are walking on is very narrow indeed. We cannot allow ourselves to be weighed down by burdens. It is no longer a matter of right or wrong, it is matter of what is our expected end. It is time to rise up, to shake ourselves from the dust and begin to afflict our souls. We are Nazarites, and our vow is one that we can no longer take for granted.


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