The Promise of tomorrow

As a young person, I find that I am continually thinking about the future; about my place in the world. From where I stand, there are so many possibilities out there and I am glad of it, yet afraid also. I know that God has a plan for me, but I am sometimes afraid that what He wants for me is different from what I want for me. In theory, I know that His way is best and that the plans he has for me are ‘good and not evil, to bring me to an expected end’, but in my practical, day-to-day work, there is still that fear at the corner of my vision.
In the tabernacle, the most important sacrifice is that of the Golden altar through which we are able to break through the veil of our flesh. At this point, we are required to offer up our souls; i.e our mind, emotions, will and desires- everything that we are. For me, this is the scariest concept of all; one that is to become a reality in hope of Sonship. My greatest struggle is that I am young and just beginning to discover who I am, and so I am greatly alarmed by the thought of having to give myself up. Logically, I know that it will be easier for me to give up myself at this point as I have not yet had time to cultivate character rooted in and controlled by spirits from my country, kindred, etc- God told Abraham to come out of his ‘country, kindred, and father’s house’ in Genesis 12:1. However, this does not stop the anxiety I feel knowing that at some point I will have to make the decision to give up my soul- Of course, God is not one to force and as I have mentioned in a previous post, the ‘power (to choose) to become the sons of God’ spoken of in John 1 lies with the individual. I know in my heart that God is merciful and kind and His ‘ways are higher’ than mine, and it is this that gives me comfort, in knowing that the God that gave me the love and talent of reading and of writing will not allow it to go to waste; but enable me to use it to His glory. I still struggle with all these problems, with knowing who I am everyday, wherever I am. There is a song, and a thing I say to myself in comfort- ‘Jesus at the center’. No matter my fears or uncertainties, I need to make sure that I allow God to be at the center of my heart. I just want to encourage those who are struggling with the same problems. ‘Forever and ever His word is settled in heaven’- Psalm 119:89- and that word is that He ‘will never fail thee nor forsake thee’- Deuteronomy 31:6.


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