As a young Christian I find myself struggling with the things I see around me and I am always blessed when I meet other young Christians who can encourage me in my walk with God. I started this blog so that I could reach and connect all the young Christians out there so that God can use me and the words that I write to encourage me and that they also may encourage me. Christ is our head and we as a body are connected through him.


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  1. Ruby, this is such a blessing. God bless you. May this blog be a source of encouragement to all the young disciples of Christ who have been feeling outnumbered and crying out to God for confirmation and fellowship. May the inspiration you receive from Him never cease.

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  2. Ruby, I am thanking God for the grace and courage you have to do this. I thank Him that He is raising young people who are not and will not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ (2Tim1:8) and who will will walk in the unfeigned faith of their fathers. May the Holy Spirit lead many a young man or woman who desire Him to this blog. May you all find the refreshment for your souls and all the strength you need to stand at this time. I am greatly encouraged that our children will tread God’s ancient paths.

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